June 2013

Week of June 2nd
Coming back to Israel is like losing a week. I got to the airport at 7:30 am on Tuesday for a 1:30 pm flight. I arrived in Israel at 7 am on Wednesday, and between unpacking and jet lag, it’s already Thursday afternoon, and I still feel tired and not ready for Shabbos.

Riding home in the taxi, it was pure joy to be back in Israel. I love looking at the mountains, at the planted feels, even the Nesher concrete plant. After spending time in other people’s homes, it was nice to be back in my own little dump. The shower may not be as nice, but my bed was very comfortable, and I could finally walk around in my slippers with no socks.

I took a call from work, and it seems like I will be pretty busy once the projects are approved. I’m still reading and working hard for my presentation, though I don’t have any details yet – it’s only two months away.

Week of June 9th
Started the week determined to get over the jet lag and back on schedule, but I’m still waking up in the middle of the night. Do I have insomnia, jet lag, or as one Neurofeedback trainer says, I’m sleeping “more efficiently?”

I got notification from the World Congress of Jewish Studies that I will be presenting on August 1st, between 5:30 and 7:30 PM. I hope this lights a fire under me. I just finished Davita’s Harp, which was sort of interesting, but not really pertinent to my presentation, although she does embrace Judaism. I don’t know why it is titled Davita’s Harp if the girl is named Ilana, nor why the Orthodox people keep coming in on Shabbos and letting the door harp make music, but I can’t nitpick every story to death.

Sunday was a nice Rosh Chodesh. I forced myself to get up at 6 AM, davened a little, made Moshe lunch, then finished davening. I scanned and emailed more documents for my mother’s aliyah application, then I said Tehillim with my neighbors. After that, I came home, did some exercise videos and then did Neurocare. After all these accomplishments, I did some sewing and “viewing.” Fortunately we had leftovers for dinner. Then I tried to read before I fell asleep.

During my middle insomnia, I was actually productive. I made a list of the books Dina wants to get rid of and posted an announcement on the local list serv.

Monday was a very social day. I met a friend for coffee. We had a “Jamie Geller sighting” in the coffee place. As we were finishing, we met a couple from Ulpan, then another woman from Ulpan walked in. After coffee, I stopped at the Matnas to pick up my book, but my teacher forgot it, so she’s going to drop it off. They moved around all the teachers because of the drop-out rate. Irit is teaching conversation and Vered is teaching Aleph. I guess Fahina is still teaching Bet.

From the Matnas, I walked to the Mercaz, where I met another woman from Ulpan. I then checked out a clothes Gemach on Sorek, which reminded me of the Salvation Army. I bought 3 shirts. I was doing to buy a duster, as my aspiration is to be like a grandmother, wear a duster, bake, and do needlework while I watch TV, but I’m seeing that I’m just a little young for this, so I passed on the duster.

From there I went and bought new shells for darling daughter and me, then mini photo albums for darling son, and then some frozen vegetables. I saw my neighbor, but she had to drive her daughter around. I was walking home, and I saw her again, so she gave me a lift home, and we got to chat a little bit.

The rest of the week went by quickly, and Shabbat provided another opportunity to catch up on sleep and readjust my clock. I’m still waking up at odd hours in the night and falling asleep during the day.

Week of June 16th
Supposedly a lot of work is coming down the pike, so I made appointments for the eye doctor, etc. this week.
Monday night was the barbecue and final get together for Moshe’s choir. It was nice to get together. Moshe sang a solo, and he is much improved since the beginning of the year. The group as a whole was definitely better and more confident. We had a long talk with our Nefesh b’Nefesh friend about all our frustrations with the bureaucracy and double talk here, and she again told us that everyone experiences the same thing.

Thursday marked one year since our aliyah according to the Hebrew calendar.

The air conditioner in the main room broke, and it has been very challenging. It’s not so bad during the week, but Shabbat it is very hard to spend the whole day in the bedroom, in which there are no lignts on Shabbat

Week of June 23rd
Another week of mundane activities, which have to be scheduled around my work day. I helped out with the RBS library, which is really shaping up.

Tuesday was the 17th of Tammuz. I don’t know why, but I find cooking a good outlet on a fast day. I baked the secret recipe blondies and a cheesecake. To break the fast I made gluten-free macaroni and cheese and fried fish. Delicious!
Wednesday I saw the foot doctor and got new orthotics. Chaim was supposed to pick me up, but I decided to walk home to try them out.

Shabbat we had a big crowd for lunch. I had invited friends two weeks ago, but they could not come. The wife, ever assertive, called on Sunday to invite themselves for lunch. Then, my sister-in-law’s friends are renting a place for the summer down the street from us. I had extended an invitation, but they said they weren’t sure what they were doing. By the time they decided they wanted to come, the other family was already coming, so we had a total of 16 people at the table.

These people, which included 5 little kids, had small appetites, so we will be eating leftovers all week – works just fine for me.

Week of June 30th
This week marks our one year anniversary in Israel according to the secular (Gregorian) calendar. I can’t believe it passed by so quickly.

Some things never change. I went to pay the municipal tax bill on Tuesday, and the clerk is not there on Tuesday. I went to the post office, and the number dispenser was broken. A woman was there keeping track of who was last, then she got a phone call and let everyone go before her. As I was leaving, two Chasidim were blocking the door. Why do I have to say excuse me when you see me coming? Should I just walk into you? And I’m not supposed to walk between two men, so why are you moving to the right instead of to the left?

For further updates, please refer to my regular blog: Life Is Like a Library.


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