Week of October 7th

We did some fun stuff over Hol Hamoed. We went to Neot Kedumim, a nature reserve near Modi’in and walked around the park. We saw all kinds of trees and plants mentioned in the bible, including estrogim and hadassim for Sukkot. They also have a display of all the different kinds of Sukkahs that are permissible and not permissible, including one on a boat, a really tall one, and a really short one.


We also visited “The Bat Cave,” which is up the road a little bit. After a hike over the rocks, we arrived at the cave, where there were tons of bats and some interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations. There is also a man-made slide carved out of rock just beyond the cave.


We went to Jerusalem one day. It’s still a thrill to be able to just drive to places that are so special. We spent some time at the kotel, walked around the old city, and then came home. A lot of the street were blocked, so driving was a little tricky.


Ulpan and school resumed on Wednesday. In Ulpan, some people did not come back after the holiday, but new people showed up, so the class is still full. Our regular teacher, Irit, is still on vacation in the Galapagos Islands, so we have Vered, so has a different teaching style. It will be nice to get back into a regular routine.

Week of October 14th

A week of Ulpan and school. On Tuesday, Chaim drove to Talpiot so I could meet my friend Hannah. We met in Hebrew School when I was in 9th grade and she was in 8th grade. She moved here right after college. Though we haven’t kept in touch since high school, our mothers were in Sisterhood together, so we heard about each other through them. We met and had coffee, and it was like we were back in high school. She has a set of triplets and a set of twins, so life is pretty hectic for her, especially since two of the triplets started army duty. Without a Sunday, it is very hard to get together with people, but hopefully we will met up soon.

Week of October 21st
Still waiting to take driving lessons and a test. It seems the driving school and a monopoly, and they keep telling me to be patient, even though they’ve had my green from since August 1st.

I brought my sheitls to a new person. They do not call themselves the equivalent of “Sheitlmacher” in Hebrew, but I liked the lady, and she cut my wig nicely. I left my other one there to be dyed. It has been so hot since we arrived that I have not put on a wig too often, but as the weather cools off, I prefer to wear it.

Week of October 28th

We now have temporary Israeli passports, which will become permanent in a year. Ulpan has expanded to five days, and Irit is back. I kind of miss having Thursday to myself, but I like that Vered is teaching on Thursdays because it breaks up the week.


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