In and around Jerusalem

July 24th

We needed to pick up our Jivetel box to hook up an American telephone number, so we spent the day in Jerusalem. We took the 395 into town – another winding road through the mountains that afforded more beautiful views.

First we went to the Biblical Zoo. We saw a lot of animals up close, and we heard (in Hebrew) explanations about the bears and the elephants. Everyone liked the fans that spray water on hot zoo visitors. By the end, it was a little bit too hot. We drove into the center of town and parked by Mea Shearim. We walked down to Ben Yehuda, and got some ice cream. Then we walked back up Ben Yehuda and the boys went to Geula to get pizza. They also stopped at an appetizing store and picked up some olives and pickles. In the meantime, Dina and I went back to the car to discover a parking ticket. Even though Chaim bought tickets for two hours, he didn’t realize he had to scratch off the date and time for it to be valid.

We then drove to Maalot Dafna to pick up the box, then on to the Tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik, which is basically across the main road from where we got the box. By the time we got home it was after 4 PM. It was a longer day that we had anticipated, but we got a lot done and had some fun.


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