The saga continues…

July 17th

It seems like we are never going to be able to use appliances. The oven service technician that was supposed to come between  2 and 4 pm is sick, so he is coming Thursday between 8 am and 12 pm. That is also the day the refrigerator is supposed to come. It seems our order was never confirmed, so Chanan had to trace it. Now the washer service is supposed to be Sunday, even though we kept getting messages that the man was trying to come last night but couldn’t make it.

We spend endless hours on hold waiting for someone to pick up, then even more hours waiting again for someone who speaks English. We spend an average of 30 minutes waiting to talk to CellCom about why our mobile phones don’t get reception and how we need the voice mail message and instructions to be in English.

Our neighbor felt sympathy for our kids, so she invited them for cereal and milk. I was treated to my first cup of coffee since we move out of Aunt Ronit’s house. Yes, Sandra M. Powers! This is the first time I have been invited to a neighbor’s house to have a cup of coffee. It was wonderful.

After breakfast, we went to toivel our pots and pans and the pieces of the barbecue and oven. We were directed to the mikveh as being behind the bamboo fence across from the Best supermarket. It turns out to be a long walk down the hill, then a right turn and a long walk to the gate, then through the gate and around the corner to where the mikveh is outside.

We keep thinking we are not used to the heat, but more seasoned residents of RBS tell us that it is much hotter than normal. The temperature in the care read 39 degrees Celsius, which is 102.2 degrees Farhenheit. I can’t decide whether I want to know what the temperature is in the system I was used to, or whether I can just look at the Celsius number and know that it is very,very hot outside.

Several people had recommended Yechezkel’s hardware store in Bet Shemesh, so we went there and picked up more stuff for the house. His son Itzik has a store up the block that sells more household items, and his son Shimon has a store farther up the block that seems to sell quite a variety of things for decorating the home.

We got a blue curtain for the hall window. It is kind of flimsy, but it does block the blinding light from the east that comes in every morning. We got garbage cans for the bathroom, and some other odds and ends.


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