Our Lift Arrives

July 9th

Our lift came, or at least part of our lift. Our two-year-old neighbor was delighted to see the huge container truck back into our shared driveway. Although some vital items (clothes, mattresses) did not come, we got the dining room table and chairs and the couch, so at least we can sit down. The basement is now full of boxes, and the office is half full of boxes. While we were not expecting “Neurosurgeons who sideline as movers,” this crew was a little too much. Besides the Israeli chutzpah and complaining that we had too many books to read in a lifetime, they dropped cigarettes all over the ground outside, which we cleaned up ourselves. We had to keep asking our neighbor to freeze bottles of water to give them. Then they demanded a tip of 200 shekels each.

Chaim called the moving company to complain that they damaged his desk and lost our stuff, and it was very challenging that no one called or emailed to let us know that part of our stuff was sent in a separate shipment.

July 10th

Now we are slowly unpacking and counting the boxes. Some of the stickers fell off, and some were put on the side of the box that did not have the description – yet another challenge.

July 11th

We spent another day trying to get organized, then we had dinner at our neighbors’ house. Very lively! We were leaving to go back to Chasmonaim, but we decided to stop at the appliance store to see the status of our deliveries. Chanan told us to run home: the washing maching and the oven were going to be delivered any minute. In Israel that deliver until 9 PM, but then a technician has to come and hook up the appliances, so we are still not fully functioning. We got back very late. Our cousins were at the airport staying to fly stand by to America. We didn’t know whether they were getting on a plane or not.


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