More of the same

July 19th

It was another very hot day, which we spent waiting for appliance service and refrigerator delivery.

The electrician came today after I called our local property manager to tell him that the kitchen light switch stopped working. After almost a week of frustrations and trying to make the best of the situation, today was the limit on “things that should have been fixed between May when we signed the lease and now.” Most of the problems with the electricity were loose wires in the switches. There was a socket missing outside and the washer outlet had been burned out. The best thing about Zvi’s visit was that we got rid of the ugly chandeliers in the living room and dining room and put in  just sockets on a wire with a bulb, what they call “spaghettis” here. I can also feel the positive flow of chi.

The technician came to service the oven and the stovetop. Chaim had to help him figure out where to put the oven. The technician refused to install the stovetop and told us our gas connection was against the law because it is right against the wall. He kept telling us the burners were not good, but he could not tell us why.

Yet another call to Dick (appropriately named) to have basic maintenance done on the cottage. The gas company is supposed to come on Sunday, as well as the washer “installer.”

Two Russians delivered the refrigerator. They parked the truck on Refa’im and one guy walked down the stairs with the refrigerator on his back. It’s amazing how our lives were immediately changed by having ice and cold drinks. Chaim and I took yet another run to Osher Ad and Yechezkel’s hardware store.

In the meantime, an alien has taken over Dina’s body. She spent the morning running errands with one neighbor, and she spent the afternoon playing with the other neighbor.

Thank you Tami for letting us use the washer and dryer before the nine days. Everyone was running out of stuff.

Moshe spend the afternoon and evening playing Monopoly with the other Moshe P.



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