Erev Shabbos

July 20th

Guess what?  It was hot and sunny today.

We spent the morning sorting through our boxes of groceries and stocking the kitchen.

The boys spent the morning at the neighbors, then rode their bikes to play baseball at Ayalon Park with Rabbi Friedman.

Chaim and I went to Keven Shimshon and Manoah – way up on Tel Zor’a. It is probably a beautiful day hike, but it was very challening around the turns and over the dirt roads and bumps with the rental car. The JNF forest has sculpures scattered throught the park. Once we got to the top, the view was spectular. You can see the BIG shopping center below and all the way to the Gush. Very serene there, with big lizards scurrying around and a yellow butterfly.

I opend the Tehillim book randomly to Psalm 68 – very powerful to read about mountains and power and defeating enemies.

We are eating all our meals out for Shabbos.


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