Craziness abounds

I was trying to have no expectations today because we were expecting so many good and services at the house, one of which is the mattress upon which I have not slept for almost two months.

The house is coming together slowly. The washing machine technician came and set everything up. Tow guys from the gas company came to move the shut off valve. Now it is in the drawer and the barbecue is hooked up, sitting unused on the back porch until after Tisha B’Av to be used.

The rest of the lift came. Same crew, equally rude, careless, etc. The house is even more stuffed with stuff, but we did get to slepp in our own beds. Our two-year-old neighbor was again excited to see the big truck.

Yet another in the parade of visitors was Pinny the bird man, to look at what is going on in our attic. He popped the door in the ceiling and dried-up bird poop rained down. He climbed in, looked around, and reported that there are nexts with eggs, live birds, and dead birds. We went out on the porch and he showed us where they were getting into the attic, and we is coming back tomorrow to seal everything up and clean it all out.

I’m still having a hard time understanding where the disconnect is – Does Rebecca not care about her house? Is Dick obtuse or extremely lazy or some combination of both? If you’re the property manager, shouldn’t you know what’s going on with the property?

One more trip back to Chanan at the appliance store. The burners still weren’t good. It seems the gas connection was in the front, and our gas connection is in the back. We switched for a different brand and Chaim hooked them up. It was never so gratifying to make scrambled eggs.

Then we tried a load of wash. The dryer almost fell off the washing machine when it started spinning. We are going to have to get a shelf or a bracket. Then the exhaust from the dryer turned the bathroom into a steam room, which had to be mopped up. We are holding off on laundry, even though the pile grows every day, until we can vent the dryer into the hallal and stabilize the washing machine.


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