Another busy day

July 18th

Another scorcher. We took the 44 and went to Keven Dan, which is about 5 minutes away. Then we proceeded up to Kever Yehudah, in the town of Yehud just past the airport. It would have been relatively easy to find if it was marked and people in Yehud knew it was there. We got lost and circled around the area, then the town, until we finally found it.


We picked up more turkey pastrami at Yesh for lunch. After lunch the other Pinchucks stopped by. They were shopping for Bat Mitzvah dresses. Matan stayed with us while they ran another errand.

Rav Elyashiv was niftar at 5 pm. Chaim drove into Jerusalem with the boys and the neighbor. They were trying to get to the funeral to 10 PM. They left here close to 9 PM, but it was too crowded to see or hear anything. The 1 (the main road) was closed for the funeral procession, so they had to go around and take the 443 home. Estimates of the crowd ranged from “tens of thousands” to half a million.



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