An enjoyable respite

It was still hot and sunny, but we got a break of household tasks. What a great Shabbos! Friday night we went to the Schaeffers. Moshe had already hit it off with Chaim Baruch, so it was nice to meet the rest of the family, minus one daughter who was away. Excellent food, interesting conversation. They told us about the great parks and hiking opportunities close by, and we saw some of the “loot” they discovered – arrowheads, pot handles, shards of pottery – very cool. They also have a bunch of parrots on their back porch. Shoshana has a dream kitchen. They extended all the way out to the next house and left a Jerusalem stone wall. One other benefit of going to the neighbors is the short walk home.

Shabbat lunch we went to the Dipoce family, pronounced Dee-Poes. The wife was thoughtful enough to make a rice cholent for Moshe and Chaim. Dina met their daughter Tziporah last week. They have five other children – Betzalel is Yehuda’s age. The husband is a radiologist, and they knew the Cohens from Heights Road when they all lived in Boston. Excellent food and interesting conversation again. They also mentioned the parks and the membership pass.

I went to the ladies’ shiur. A man (probably a big rabbi, but I don’t know his name) spoke about several different topices of keeping focus and the connection of learning Torah and prayer. I came home sweating profusely and even more appreciative of the cold drinks and ice now available in the Pinchuck kitchen.

Dina stayed at the Dipoces, and when she came home (at 6 PM), we went to see our neighbors. Our other neighbors came to visit, too.

We went next door for Seudat Shlishit, where the boys were very lively and singing very loudly. I just felt so happy that the boys felt so at home and were having such a good time.



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