First Weeks in Israel

I was trying to journal every day, but then I realized it would be infinitely easier to type directly into the computer and to refer friends to the blog for what’s going on with the Pinchucks. So, here’s what has happened so far:


July 2nd

I thought I would feel more emotion as we began our journey. But I was not sad to leave Clifton. I kept thinking that it hadn’t hit me that I was moving, but I think it just proved that I feel a stronger connection to Israel than I did to New Jersey. Since we started preparing for aliyah, I noticed that I didn’t have a strong feeling about the house, either.

As we sat on the runway preparing for take off, I tried to think of what I would miss about the United States. As I looked out the window, I saw the IKEA store in Elizabeth. They have IKEA in Isarel, too! They have everything in Israel.

July 3rd

I fell asleep immediately after take off and slept for almost three hours. It was more a function of packing and sleeping on the floor than anything else. On the plane I watched The Vow, which was hyped to be this great love story and turned out to be mediocre; The Notebook, which a great movie to have a good cry – very sappy love story of a rich girl falling in love with a poor boy and then suffering from Alzheimer’s. Also watched Glee and Big Bang Theory – hoping I can watch episodes in Israel.

Arrived at Ben Gurion. We were taken to the old terminal to be processed. It felt, l’havdil, like the Holocaust. All our valuables were packed in our carry on luggage, which they told us to leave in the lobby. We went upstairs, got some snacks, and waited to get our papers, our ID numbers, and our first Sal Klita payment.

The Pinchucks met us at the airport. Lots of waiting around for stuff, but we finally got a taxi and brought everything to our cottage.

First impression: needs a lot of work to feel like home. Chaim concerned about security. We locked our big bags in the big room with no air conditioning and went to Chasmonaim.

We were very happy to see the cousins, be in air-conditioning and eat Aunt Ronit’s cooking.

July 4th

Commuting to Ramat Bet Shemesh and leaving the kids to play with the Wii. Met the neighbor on our left – Tami, then met the neighbor on the right – Shana.


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